Yep | Top Chumps: Fashion metal

Top Chumps: Fashion metal

In the past year there has been a greasy tsunami of leather jacket-clad 20-something-year-old men in east London dressing like they’ve come of age in mid-80s LA and heavy metal has suddenly exploded. Read below to find out how to get the look while it’s hot.

Hair: Short, unkempt, “don’t give a fuck” look for the posers. Long hair with shaved sides for the poserettes.
Hat: Supreme baseball cap with “metal” phrases such as “MOSH” or “SATAN” or “DOOM” scribbled on the underside of the peak.
Tattoos: Has discussed getting an upside-down Crucifix on his chest in vivid detail but obviously will never go ahead with it. Most likely has a Black Flag tattoo on their arm from the days when they were into hardcore.
Jacket: Vintage broad-shouldered leather jacket littered with patches of genuinely awful metal and thrash bands.
Top: Well-known, easily recognisable metal band T-shirt with an American Apparel hoody on top (a hangover from the nu-rave days).
Trousers: Meticulously ripped-around-the knee-area stonewash skinny jeans.
Favourite phrases: “The new Slayer record is AMAZING, dude. OMG. I ride my fixie every day to that shit.”
Footwear: Retro Nike “sneakers” (as they call them) such as the horrendous Air Jordan Spizikes, or Vans (the least “metal” shoe known to man).
Accessories: Sewn-on patches and pin badges emblazoned with logos of bands like Municipal Waste, Pentagram, Slayer and Sleep. A hoop earring left over from the days when their favourite band was The Libertines.
Girlfriend: Fashion goth in a matching black outfit.
Plaid shirt? Yes.
Fixed-gear bike? Optional.

Words by John McDonnell. Illustration by Dan Freeman